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The man with the plan...


Dustin Hough, founder of Hough Fur,  originally began trapping as a young child growing up in the rural town of Barnesville, MN.  In the early 80's, Dusty started trapping with some of the neighborhood kids and before long, he was hunting and trapping at every opportunity he could find. This passion continued to evolve in Dusty all throughout high school, and eventually brought him back to his hometown.


After graduating in 1991, Dusty joined the Navy, and was deployed to Somalia where he served as a Naval Search and Rescue swimmer aboard the USS Mount Hood in the Persian Gulf.  After traveling the world, serving his country, and furthering his education, Dusty's love for his family and passion for the sport of trapping led him back to his hometown..

In 2001, he opened up his own trading company in Barnesville, since referred to lovingly by the towns' locals as "The Fur Shed." 

In 2012, Dusty extended his business to include mink production. Over the past couple of years, through trial and error, he has developed and fine-tuned a recipe for breeding beautiful rich ranch mink in black, browns, and pastels. 

If the sun is up, Dusty can almost always be found in his shop processing pelts, packaging orders, or tending to his ever-growing population of mink. But at the end of the day, Dusty loves nothing more than coming home and spending time with his family... just steps away you can usually find the people who love him most..his other half and their three lovely children. 

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